Episode 4 -Jim & Judy Mohr

Episode 4 -Jim & Judy Mohr

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Stoney Lake Reflections Show Notes

Episode: 04 Jim & Judy Mohr

I Sat down with Jim and Judy in August of 2017 at their home in Ann Arbor to catch up with what they are doing now as well as discuss their reflections.  As you can imagine they were as welcoming as ever, even though it had been around 16 years since our last face to face meeting.  (Don’t let that happen to you with your camp friends).  The great news is, as it happens with most camp folks, we picked right up where we left off!

Our reunion started with Jim & Judy welcoming me and Jen into their home.  When making plans to visit, they had invited us to dine with them after recording our chat.  An invitation we could not turn down.  And  boy was I glad we didn’t have conflicting plans.  Upon entering their lovely home, it quickly became apparent Judy had stareted cooking some tomato sauce for that night’s dinner.  The smell of simmering tomatos and spices certainly set the stage for a great evening to come.  This was an interview session that was NOT going to run over!

Before we started recording I had to check if their home bathroom was labeled ‘Jim’s’ and to great dissapointment, it is not!  I also needed to satisfy a childhjood musing that he must have a dozen fish tanks filled with critters…No on that too! (Not even a turtle pit…however sandhill cranes were present for our arrival!  I commented on their view from the house and it was mentioned that they purchased their house from Clark Ewing when Clark and Marilyn moved to their current abode.  So that cemented it, enough discussion was not being captured, so time to start the show.


What I have to say:

Jim & Judy were very much parental figures for me and countless others.  Their roles as ‘in loco parentis’ were not cemented because of their age in relation to younger staff, but with their stage in life, Storer experiences, and willingness not to only support campers, but support the staff.  It was a knowing look, a reassuring glance, and a quick chat during some long days that helped many of us to dig a little deeper to make the Storer magic happen.  They were a couple that had seen it all at camp, which were once in our shoes.  With their experience came great wisdom and calm, almost silent leadership for us ‘young kids’ on staff.  It was quite wondrous in the 1990s to have Jim & Judy as true examples of what we were there for.  It was amazing to think, we were fortunate enough to work along side with these two ‘legends’ that preceded us (at that time) by a few decades.   It was such a solid example of respecting what had come before us; it gave many of us a phenomenal touchstone to the past and present with hope for the future.  And when it came for final campfires, Judy & Jim gave us a great dose of the historical and traditional import of the proceedings.  On our tough days, they gave us strength.  On great days they contributed (sometime caused) and shared in the laughter.


Show Notes:


–           Judy loves Christmas and does it ‘Big’…includes a cookie party that’s been ongoing 50+ years!

–           Jim donates time to a Kiwanis Nature Center (Yes, OUR Father Nature is seeing another nature center!)

–           Both enjoy traveling in their camper van visiting National Parks (30+ so far)

–           They have also visited 49 States (Hawaii is on the list this year!)

–           The highest ‘unofficial’ honor they both hold at camp

–           Judy highlights her first summer at Girl’s Camp in ‘68

–           Married in 1965

–           Judy started at Storer in ‘57 in high school; Jim started in ‘60

–           What the girls camp was like (hint: primitive)

–           Judy details how she started as staff and offers the real reason she was hired by Clark.

–           Judy details her many, many positions starting with counselor and some exciting times as a trip leader

Jim reflects on the great volunteers throughout the years


Biographical Highlights



32 years as Storer staff beginning in 1960, plus he is still involved as a volunteer in the Lands for Learning project
Positions: Counselor, Ranger Director, Waterfront Director, Naturalist, Trip Leader, Hay Baler, Maintenance,Consultant for Lands for Learning
Doc Miller – Yes
Favorite motto – Service
Song – “Our Best”

Favorite Camp area – South Fen


35 summers beginning in 1957
Positions: Counselor, Village Director Kitchen Girl, Health Director, Girls’ Camp Director,  Registration (in office), Trip Leader
Doc Miller – Yes
Favorite motto – the third – Humility
Song – I loved Greg McKee’s “Hang on the Bell Nellie” and “Calendar Girl”, plus “Happiness is Girls’ Camp” and “Mary’s Boy Child” sung by Rodney Farrar
Camp area – Lewis and Clark on the north side, my first cabin as a counselor

Last summer worked  as paid staff was 1993.



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