Getting the Most out of this Website

Getting the Most out of this Website

Stoney Lake Reflections is independently produced as an appreciation of great times as a camper, staff and alumnus with a lifelong passion for Camp Storer.

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Why ?

As a student of history (and anthropology), an amateur archivist, and lover of Storer, I wanted to create a spot on the internet where we can collectively share and celebrate all things Camp Storer. I also wanted to update and record the historical record since the publication of YMCA Storer Camps: The Legacy of Doc Miller published in 1997.


Stoney Lake Reflections presents a contemporary and multi-media approach to recording history of our beloved camp. History is no longer relegated to dusty scrapbooks, heavy tomes or cumbersome albums.  I believe accessibility of archival information is essential and histories should be open for all to celebrate.  Storer has a rich history and my goal is to liberate, yet protect items, found in the Storer Archives. I want to make Camp Storer topics easy to use and no farther away than your phones, tablets, and laptops.  If you are interested in joining me preserving & protecting the archives, contact me here.

“Let’s celebrate our common Storer bonds in real-time, utilizing technology to unite several generations, and build new bonds while celebrating the old” – Dustin Smith


SLR will record oral histories through it’s podcast.  Podcasts are extremely popular as people can be entertained anywhere they go while following a topic of interest.  SLR will feature a calvacade of influential guests who will share their own Stoney Lake Reflections.  These are not formal interviews or rigidly formatted as the style is laid back and conversational.  Podcast episodes are now on iTunes, so please subscribe and you’ll never miss one!  You can also use the built in player found on the Podcasts page.


The goal of SLR is to provide a regularly updated website that features Blogs or articles written in an informal or conversational style.  The topics are as wide ranging as the many facets of camp.  If you have ideas for Blog entries, please share.  Who knows you could be tapped to be a guest author! :0  The default landing page contains all blog articles and recent podcasts.  To the right, you’ll find a search bar, archives, recent posts and comments…Be sure to comment when the spirit moves you!


SLR aims to research, document and share key visual assets to this community.  In tandem SLR seeks to preserve the historical record, protect original assets and eventually curate the archival collection into a digital medium for future generations to easily access, and enjoy.  Please share your photos! See Gallery


SLR encourages your participation, which includes providing comments, sharing your stories, insights, thoughts and feelings about anything you see on Stoney Lake Reflections.  Beyond comments, feel free to contact SLR via email or phone.  You can give feedback on what you see or suggest your own topics .  Who knows, you could be a guest Blog writer or Guest on the SLR Podcast!

Final Note

My passion for YMCA Storer Camps runs deep and certainly is reignited as Storer celebrates its 100th Summer on the Banks of Ol’ Stony (Stoney 😉 ). I am humbled by the response to this project on many fronts as the Storer community is comprised of a very special people.  I look forward to wherever this project leads as I hope to provide an opportunity for so Many Storer alumni to gather (even if only virtually) and celebrate our common bonds with a very special place.

It must be noted, that Stoney Lake Reflections is solely produced by me, Dustin Smith.  Behind a keyboard in sunny San Diego.  There are many contributors to the project, but the operation is totally dependent on donations from people like you.  The YMCA of Toledo or YMCA Storer Camps is not financially involved in funding the podcast or website.  As such, I will not be shy in asking for your support.  You will find donation buttons on the site, including some nifty gifts in the Trading Post. 

You will also hear mentions for underwriting on the SLR Podcast, which if you listen to podcasts, this won’t be new. Please don’t misconstrue my requests for donations, as I don’t affix a price on my love and affection for Storer.

What it Takes

Hard Costs

For a production like this, there are hard costs (set out of my pocket fees) like web site hosting fees, podcast media hosts (libsyn), on-line maintenance, internet fees, and travel.  These are all due monthly.  Then there’s the equipment involved in podcast production: digital recorders, mixing boards, high-powered laptops, hard drives, post-production software, varied cameras, and microphones of many types.  Luckily I owned some of that before, but I’m reminded by my Executive Producer, I’ve accumulated more than I think as I pursue this venture. My goal is to cover the hard costs, especially monthly hosting and subscription fees.

Soft Costs

I eat the soft costs like my time which includes for writing, programming, web maintenance, researching, scheduling guests. I’m not in this for financial gain and I would be shocked to break even!

Words from my Legal Counsel

  Stoney Lake Reflections – Legal disclaimer

The website, podcast, affiliated production, recordings, images, and any other related ephemera, in addition to any related social media thereof, contains opinions of the author and production team of Stoney Lake Reflections and podcasts guests, blog authors, and blog commenters.  Opinions expressed or reflections shared do not officially express or represent the views or opinions of the YMCA, YMCA of Toledo, Ohio or of YMCA Storer Camps.  This work is an independent production, not affiliated with the YMCA, although some collaboration does take place, from time to time.  Stoney Lake Reflections reserves the right to change how this blog is run; Blog focus, production or content may change at any time. All rights reserved.  See Privacy Notice for other legal advisories. STONEY LAKE REFLECTIONS ©2017 in Affiliation with GoldenTime Marketing.

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