July 6, 2017

Thanks to all of you that have responded so enthusiastically to the announcement of the upcoming podcast!

Camp Storer means so much to so many, that’s partly why I think I had this idea come to me in the middle of the night last week. It wasn’t just another camp dream when I take 2 weeks off to be a counselor again (yes, that is a recurring dream!) And in said dream I equivocate when asked if I’m coming back. ‘I said last year, it would be my last…and here I am again’…then I wake up to cats crying for food and a dog desperate to chase the morning rabbits. I then tell my wife Jen of another ‘Camp Dream’ and she just rolls her eyes reminding me I’m not leaving for the summer to work at Camp Storer!

There is so much to celebrate, whether we were just there with our own children or haven’t been back in some time, years, decades or ever. No matter the time, the memories never leave us. The indelible life lessons learned in a safe place created and nurtured by amazing people. Some of us started as campers then lived the dream as staff. Others experienced Camp through on site Outdoor Education or off-site outdoor ed. school visits. And for a select group, Camp Storer was home 52 weeks of the year. Or some families were there for the summer. No matter one summer or many, the experiences were so rich, so fun, so rewarding, and full of love and enthusiasm. Children were always at the center, as they should be.

So here we are on the precipice of 100 years, no small feat for a Camp, YMCA or otherwise. I’d like to give back through service, by providing a podcast to talk with influential leaders who were teachers, cultivating young bodies minds and spirits. There are so many who contributed to the past and established a base for future success. Again, much to celebrate with our common Storer brothers and sisters, past, present & future.

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  • David 'Stoney' Stoneberg

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