The game’s afoot!

The game’s afoot!
August 4, 2017

Wow is all I can say! I’d like to thank Becky Spencer for taking the time to chat-almost 2 hours! Our times at camp seems to of circled each other, but never truly intersected. Well, that’s changed 💥 Great discussion about so much as well as a creative project proposal.

✔️The Emerson Maniac has helped design a final logo to be unveiled soon
✔️I continue to learn new production skills
✔️The guest list grows and so do the commitments. Very exciting!
✔Tammy Willis shared with me she still references a note I sent to her 20➕years ago. That made my jaw drop and she said it’s still helpful (who knew?😲)
✔️commissioned song is finished!
✔️investigating possible visit to Midwest in August. (I would conduct some in-person interviews). TBD

Anyway, I’m continually blown away by the response to this project! Thanks for your support & have a grand and glorious day!

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