Episode: 05 Jim & Judy Mohr

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 Editor’s Note: There were some great challenges with audio quality on this episode…apologies in advance!

Show Notes

Episode: 05 Jim & Judy Mohr

In this second episode I spoke with Jim ‘Father Nature’ about the natural environment at camp and what makes it special.

  • Jim details the diverse and unique ecosystems found at camp, some of them that are rare globally. Examples of varied ecosystem on nearly 1400 acres. Boasting 17 different types of soil lead to such a diverse environment. From fens, sedge meadow, rich Tamarack forest (almost gone) wet meadow to Black Oak barrens to Savannah.


  • South Fen is Jim’s favorite place at camp since it is such a unique blend of plants and every time he visits he seems something new. And this is after viewing it for 57 years!  What is a Fen? 


  • The benefits of prescribed burns are discussed as well as clearing buckthorn swamp giving way to new growth after the invasive species were addressed.


  • Jim outlines unique flora and fauna, in and around Lake Stony…Including jellyfish…Yes, jellyfish! 7 out of the state’s nine species of turtles. Stony also boasts 15-20 species of fish.


  • The three areas of Stony: Big, Little & Petite. Formed from glacial waters. Reportedly it boasts some of the cleanest lake water in Michigan. Camp has been noted to have what scientists call ‘extensive undisturbed wetlands’. Jim discusses how to preserve this resource.



  • Jim details the rich history of naturalists at Camp. When Rodney Ferrar left the position, Jim stepped in around ’64 –‘93


  • Jim shares the history of the famous naturalist and ornithologist Roger Tory Peterson’s time at Storer (please see RTP Combined files from Doc Miller and the first naturalist offering Roger Tory Peterson a position at camp.  These feature phenominal historical documents from the archives!


  • The history of Cubbage Trail and how this was originally on Jim’s dad’s property (came to camp through Hyatt Purchase in the 1930s)


Jim drives the bus for a Long-termer Trip!


Jim takes well deserved break from said Long-Termers!



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