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We’re opening this project up to crowd-funding to help defray the costs of this multi-media production.  This is a 100% volunteer effort and every contrubution helps.   This is an ambitious project (more than a podcast) with big goals…read on!


The goal with Stoney Lake Reflections  is to celebrate our common Storer bonds in real-time, utilizing technology to unite several generations, cherish old relationships and make new ones, while celebrating the past, the present, and the future of YMCA Storer Camps.

Stoney Lake Reflections is an independently produced appreciation of great times as a camper, staff and alumnus with a lifelong passion for YMCA Storer Camps.

Stoney Lake Reflections is a multi-media project:

Podcast interviewing guests from Storer’s past and present

Website devoted to interesting stories and insights about YMCA
Storer Camps

Archive investigation,  preservation, curation  &  protection of
assets while increasing usability of this unique and  historic

It must be noted, that Stoney Lake Reflections is solely produced by me, Dustin Smith.  There are many contributors to the project, including some AMAZING guests, but this operation is totally dependent on donations from people like you.  While the YMCA of Toledo and YMCA Storer Camps have been very open to this endeavor and gracious with their hospitality (i.e. free lodging at camp) and resources, they are not financially involved in funding the podcast or website.  As an independent volunteer project, I will not be shy in asking for your financial support.

Please don’t misconstrue my requests for donations, as I don’t affix a price on my love and affection for Storer.

Also, I do not intend to compete with camp with any of their fundraising goals.  But I do ask the community to consider donating to this cause, if you feel that alumni and friends benefit from this pursuit.   I am grateful for any type of financial support.

How your crowd funding support helps:

–  The first priority is to defray annual costs for website
and media  hosting and development is $650 (first
year;  $400 2nd Year)

– Incremental capital expenditures also come to approximately $65

-(Donor just gifted an Epson Scanner valued at $210)

– Upgrade Audio Software $350  Now $199 (thanks to donated software!)

– Future Multi-media production work (including 4k filming!) is forecasted at $900 (This is after getting
some equipment donated) Filming & Editing Hours donated.

– Future protection of Archive assetts (digitization of the most fragile originals + conversion of old film & video)   estimated $1,500

–  Travel Expenses (I’ve donated over $2,075 thus far)

More financial details can be found here



√ Preserve Originals
√ Protect Originals
√ Increase Usability of assetts (online)

Money raised over $6,000 on gofundme will be deposited in earmarked account to demonstrate interest in pursuing in-depth archive preservation and eventual expanison of archive preservation activities.  If you are interested in reviewing the in depth proposal, email me!

The preservation & protection of the archives have been discussed throughout Storer’s history with varying degrees of attention to the collection through the years.  Money raised in this effort will demonstrate interest in further funding and the communities interest in preserving the archives.

The more I raise over the ambitious goal of $6,000, the greater chance of harvesting matching funds and demonstrating community interest in this endeavor.

At 100 years, I believe it is important to pursue, in earnest, the archives ultimate preservation & protection of assets while increasing usability of this unique and historic collection.

Future plans would include preserved and protected originals for all to enjoy…in your laptops, tablets, smart devices…and ready for future technological platforms.

√ I would love to make a statement with a down payment for future archival work!

If you have comments or questions, please contact me at Stoney Lake Reflections .

If you would rather make a donation off of this platform, please contact me via email .

Thanks for your consideration.


GoFundMe Stoney Lake Reflections



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