Episode: 09 Clark Ewing

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Stoney Lake Reflections Show Notes

Episode: 09 Clark Ewing

What I have to say:

I visited with Clark and Marilyn in August of 2017. Jenni Lane 🙂 made all the arrangements for this interview to happen and for that I am grateful. The Ewings invited me into their abode in Saline, Michigan for an afternoon of great reflections.

For starters, Clark hasn’t changed a bit! As an interviewer I was on the edge of my seat as I listened to his reflections. At once I was a camper again, waiting to be entertained…and I was also that young staffer who absorbed any crumbs of wisdom from this camp giant (or is it oracle?). As an adult, I sat there in awe. It is impossible to separate the history of camp and this couple, without one, you would not have the other. This fact cannot be overstated and is not up to debate.

I’ll wait to publish more insights on my meeting with Clark & Marilyn in a devoted blog article.  But for now, I’ll let Clark tell his story in his own words. You will also hear Marilyn chime in from time to time, keeping Mr. Ewing honest! 😉


Show Notes:

  • Clark’s Swan Dive
  • Swimming Docks and the many contributions of the Anderson family
  • Recruiting International Staff and Internationalism of Storer
  • Proudest individual achievement – work with the Toledo, Spain YMCA
  • Tom Roy Venture Out guide extraordinaire
  • The Games of Yore: William Tell, Hikes to town & Friday Night Boxing
  • A fundamental shift of focus at YMCA Storer Camps, from sports to nature
  • Expansion of Horses and Watercraft
  • Roger Tory Peterson
  • More Horses! And building barns
  • Clark’s High Silk Hat!
  • Important lessons learned at YMCA Storer Camps
  • Clark’s one word to describe camp
  • What camp means to Clark, Marilyn, and the Ewing Family


Swan Dive!


Clark’s Member (#1) Card for the Toledo, Spain YMCA



Clark & Marilyn

Greg McKee & Mike Anderson sacrifice themselves for              World Service Day




Clark Ewing Middle Row, 2nd from Left


Clark & Marilyn Hall of Fame Documents:

Scannable Document on Mar 27, 2018 at 1_57_26 AM





Happy Daze North Center Barn





A Cherished Reunion




Call SLR! 

New Feature: Call and leave a message in sixty seconds: Your Favorite Place at Camp and Why




In Episode:

‘Funiculi Funicula’ – Andre Rieu, 1999, Standard YouTube License

‘Blue Creek Trail’, Dan Lebowitz, Royalty Free Music, Published: Feb 16, 2018.

‘Fortaleza’,  Topher Mohr and Alex Elena from YouTube Audio Library, No Copywright, 2015. YouTube Audio Library http://goo.gl/YmnOAx
‘William Tell Overture’ Rossini, [1829] Standard YouTube License, 2013   Download available at http://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary


‘Stoney Lake Reflections’ Sing-out & Intro- Performed by Singer/Songwriter Cori Strell:

Intsagram: @coristrellmusic

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  1. Suzanne Swank
    Apr 11, 2018

    Loved this. So good to hear Clark’s voice. It brought back wonderful memories of my 8 years of being a camper. I especially loved the song which I sang along with Clark as he sang.

    • King Stoney
      Apr 18, 2018

      Suzanne- Thanks for your comments! After recording these episodes last Summer my wife and I were singing along in the car. I almost had tears of pure joy running down my face. I’m glad it brought back great memories for you!

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