Subscribe to Podcast: iTunes or iPhone

Subscribe to Podcast: iTunes or iPhone

Did you know there is an easier way to listen to Stoney Lake Reflections?  I was looking at some stats recently and I noticed some anomolies in the data provided to me from iTunes.  This data showed that there is an area of opportunity for all of you!

While Apple is looking into their numbers, I wanted to make sure you are getting the most out of listening to the podacst.  To that end, I wanted to provide detailed instructions on how to subscribe to the podcast.


Why should you subscribe?

√ The Podcast will automatically appear in your feed when it is published!  One time sign up and always up to date!

There are 3 ways to listen to Stoney Lake Reflections.  I’ve listed the choices below, from easiest to more cumbersome.I personally subscribe to my favorite podcasts through my iPhone because it is always with me.  It provides a great break while walking the dog, waiting for someone, lunchtime, commuting, working (did I say that?), and  anytime you want to chill.

I’m technically inclined, but I wanted to provide a guide for those who this is the first podcast you’ve listened to or for those who prefer visuals while navigating phones.  No judgements here, I’m just glad to have you as a listener!  P.S. if the instructions still don’t help you, find a son, daughter or even grandchildren to help you sign up 😉



1) Through your iPhone via Podcast app (that’s already on all iPhones)


2) Through iTunes

3) Through a computer, and going to and checking to see if there are new episodes in the Podcast Category



I’ve attached a handy dandy visual guide to make subscribing easier.

Click on the following link >>>>  HowToSubscribe



BONUS POINTS if you RATE and Leave a review for the podcast.  This can be done through iTunes.  Ratings and feedback help me attract sponsors and ratings at iTunes.

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