Songs (Storer Classic!)

Songs   (Storer Classic!)



O.K., O.K., it doesn’t have the brown cover we’re all used to. This is the 2001 edition and less expensive than the ones many heathens stole from camp. On the cover page it says ‘Thou Shalt Not Steal…Remember the 8th!” and they still disappeared… Do you want some redemption? Buy this copy! Or splurge and buy a vintage brown cover!

Most people want to sing and can, but are usually frustrated due to pressures of technical music expectations. This book will help create an atmosphere of freedom for the individual alone or in a group where the person can get beyond the first line of a song, where the lyrics are seen as a “total” whole in context without the interference of notes. Since 85% of the population cannot read notes, this is primarily a lyric songbook for group singings. With no notes we are saying: Just let go and sing. You don’t have to be technical. Now you have a chance to look at the lyrics instead of trying to look back and forth between lyrics and notes. Get the flavor. Group singing increases nearly 70% where there are no notes and the tune is not played. This songbook tries to reflect all of life under God; therefore, all kinds of music about life are included, since God’s creative acts shine on everyone, whether they know it or not. Hymns, folk songs, current popular, and “oldies” are all mixed together and are deliberately kept out of fixed categories to give more of a feel of “life in its wholeness.

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