‘Get on Board’ to Cure Camp Sickness

‘Get on Board’ to Cure Camp Sickness
To aid in the cure for Camp Sickness, please play the following video!


The song ‘Stay on Board’ is written from an adult point of view.  It is a story about someone who is Camp Sick (a serious affliction of the mind, body and spirit). Being Camp Sick is usually accompanied by daydreaming of time’s past and the special bonds of great friendships, although both more in the past, than in the present.  This song also highlights the struggles of childhood camper memories versus adult responsibilities.  One thing is sure, the afflicted think about Storer Camps a lot and mere reminiscing does not help. The subject of the song finally comes to a solution, which I’m hoping you’ll adopt.


Take a listen and let me know if you’re in to celebrate 100 Years of Camp Stories on June 30, 2018?


This sickness may be chronic or acutely triggered as we approach Storer’s 100th Anniversary celebration June, 30th, 2018.  Although there is not a 100% effective cure, the best way to alleviate symptoms is to attend the reunion celebration.

Stay on Board

written and performed by Cori Strell

Adapted lyrics: Dustin Smith ©2017

D    Bm      C             G
I don’t know where this train is going
But I can tell we’re on the same stop
I’m not sure whats running through your thoughts
But I think about Storer Camps a lot
I could just sit on Stoney’s banks for hours
Can tell me louder if
C          G          D           Bm
You’ve thought of Storer today
Because I have been forever
So let’s stay on board
I hear the sandhill cranes
it feels too good to be true
Tell me, oh tell me when you’re free
Can you tell me when you’d like to see me?
C          G          D           Bm
But I wanna go back to Camp
But I have adult things to attend to
So let’s plan it out.
Your sweetest gaze
Oh how it does amaze
Can you get me out of this laze
The candid signs
The lesson If that bird lives or dies
Oh please abide with me
C          G          D           Bm
Oh Ive got camp on the brain
And those feelings never leave me
So let’s stay on board
I don’t know where this train is going
But I can tell we’re on the same stop
and I’ll see you back at Storer

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  1. Anon
    Feb 6, 2018

    Bad makeup day

    • Emerson Maniac
      Feb 8, 2018

      Looks like a carnival day!

  2. Emerson Maniac
    Feb 9, 2018

    Looks like you had a good time writing the lyrics

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