Stoney Lake Reflections- The Road Show

Greetings from Boston! After experiencing a lot of February and early March winter weather, I’m ready to return to San Diego. Tomorrow I’ll be wearing shorts on principle! 🌴

My Trip

As many of you know, for the past two weeks I undertook a SLR Podcast road show of sorts (on top of visiting family). This trip has been magical and filled with serendipitous events. 🌈  My journey started from San Diego to Detroit and Idrove up to camp via Ann Arbor (Trader Joe’s) then drove the ‘back way’ through country roads and very heavy fog.  It was the perfect night for a Mona sighting or perhaps even Green Eyes.  Luckily neither showed their faces on this drive around the lake.  When I arrived on the east side of the lake it was raining sideways and the wind was impressive.  On a night like that, even a katyak would be responsive!


I stayed at Camp the folowing few days interviewing many within view of Ol’ Stoney.  You will soon hear those podcasts and be treated to many stories in the blog…More to Come!

Some of my amazing guests:


Dan Wymer

                 Tom Brown

                                Bill Sonnett

                                           Pam & Jerry Sine

                                                        Judy & Bryce Harbaugh

                                                                     Abimbola Fajobi

                                                                                  Don Klotz

                                                                                       Emerson Maniac


Hey wait- Where’s the new episode?

Being an army of one on this project is a blessing and a curse. The great thing is being nimble. The negative is when schedules get crunched, there’s little production time wiggle-room. If this was a for profit venture it would be different. But as a volunteer, unpaid endeavor, there is only so much time. (I don’t get paid by Camp Storer or the YMCA…and to be clear, I Don’t make any money on this either)!

Due to technical difficulties (discovered on the road)    I felt that the episode to be published had audio quality issues that did not reflect my standards.

Perhaps many would not notice, but I did ! Suffice to say, I’m learning a lot along the way. I will post those new episodes ASAP.

Snapshot: 2 Week Odyssey

As my two two week trip winds down: 5,300 miles flown, 9 interviews recorded, 9 states visited, 2 rental cars, guessing 1,300 miles driven(?) and 2 nor’easters. Tons of gorgeous souls along the way and quality family time.

Looking forward to 4 days at home with Jen before she goes to SEA for the week. She underwrites this ‘project’ and as a friend recently reminded me ‘encourage your audience to donate’.

This same friend also turned the tables on me and he became a guest host of the SLR podcast and interviewed me. That was fun and a bit terrifying- stay tuned!

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    Mar 10, 2018

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