Audiobooks- 101 of the best

Audiobooks- 101 of the best

I figured the Stoney Lake Reflections audience would be predisposed to listening to books since you are listening to the Stoney Lake Reflection’s podcast! (and if you are not listening to this podacst, to quote Abimbola “You Best Be!”).  In the days of yore, these tales told via an amplification device (see ‘good old days’?) were called ‘Books on Tape’.  Books do live on, ‘tape’ not so much!  Magnetic tape, so quaint!  Regardless, the medium is now known as an ‘audiobook’ and listening to a book being read is easier than ever.


I’ve found Audiobooks are a fantastic way to learn on the go.  For me, I can cover more books audibly as I can sitting down with either a physical book (something about holding a book 🙂 ) or reading via my iPad.  I’ve also found audio books very enriching, much like THE MISSION DAILY blog, where they’ve come up with a list of the 101 best audiobooks of all time. From historical fiction to thriller, these stories are sure to keep you engaged until the last line.  Click on the link and scroll through their list.  They also provide a synopsis and where to purchase.  But don’t forget most libraries have audio books available to be lent out virtually.





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