Rest Period Reading from the Trading Post

Do you recognize these Golden Press Classics?  Remember tearing out of the dining hall (and almost taking out the camper who was fliiping the sign) to get to the front of the trading post line?  Well, I have a safer alternative (and no need to run)…Visit the Stoney Lake Reflections Trading Post to purchase your own copies!  Used copies are available through my Amazon links!

Written for children, but handy for adults as well.  Whenever I go camping I bring these along because it’s easier to open one of these up than to find a cellular signal in the woods!  How quaint, retro & primitive! The illustrations are great and the presentation of material is easily understood.  These are truly classics for all ages!

√ Trees covers 143 species of North American Trees, all illustrated in full color!

√ Flowers includes 124 color paintings and handy maps!

√ Sky Observer’s Guide is your handy reference to the heavens above.  Its the next best thing to having Father Nature on your campout!

√ Pond Life is essential reading for life around Stony Lake!  Although not as fun, it can be used for reference for any lakes, streams, and wetlands of your choosing!




  • David 'Stoney' Stoneberg

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