Leavin’ on a Jet Plane

Leavin’ on a Jet Plane

Original writing: August 10, 2017

Well, now I’ve done it! A last-minute Midwest trip scheduled to visit family and friends I truly consider family. And on this tour through Maumee to Traverse City, I’ll be stopping along the way for a detour of the heart and stop by Storer. It’s high time after all, for it has been ~16 years since my last visit. Although in some regards, I never left as there is not a day that goes by I’m not reminded about some aspect of camp. From landmarks to the people, it is indeed a sacred place and time for a large community that shared so much, learned so much and grew so much together.

That’s what makes this pilgrimage special. Time to reconnect, reignite old friendships and reflect. Pay homage to some childhood heroes and enjoy these maturated relationships in the present. Also I hope I can capture some history along the way, either through oral histories recorded on a podcast or pictures shared from long ago. This odyssey is prescient as we stand on the edge of Storer’s 99th year.

On the Docket:

√ Camp visit
√ Meeting with Becky Spencer, Executive Director
√ Photography
√ Multi Media production
√ Visit with Mary Mennel
√ Visit with Jim & Judy Mohr
√ Visit with Clark & Marilyn Ewing (maybe Jenni Lane?)
√ See Dad & Connie in Maumee and visit with 2/3 brothers, their crews + some cousins (procure all old camper evals and camp ephemera from family archives).
√ Sleep?
√ Laugh
√ Enjoy

What Have I Done?

Written August 7, 2017

What have I got myself into? Thankfully, these words are old friends of mine!

Depending on the type of interview, I may use this small mixing board (Mackie Mix8) or a simpler interface for something with less options.

I’ve spent the past few weeks, building out components needed for this and other creative projects. Acoustic foam has also been placed turning a spare bedroom with several hard angles and echoes into something better suited to recording. Not perfect and certainly not the type of room I’d use to record voice-overs, but this will do just fine as we voyage back in time and revisit some great camp memories.

The game’s afoot!

The game’s afoot!
August 4, 2017

Wow is all I can say! I’d like to thank Becky Spencer for taking the time to chat-almost 2 hours! Our times at camp seems to of circled each other, but never truly intersected. Well, that’s changed 💥 Great discussion about so much as well as a creative project proposal.

✔️The Emerson Maniac has helped design a final logo to be unveiled soon
✔️I continue to learn new production skills
✔️The guest list grows and so do the commitments. Very exciting!
✔Tammy Willis shared with me she still references a note I sent to her 20➕years ago. That made my jaw drop and she said it’s still helpful (who knew?😲)
✔️commissioned song is finished!
✔️investigating possible visit to Midwest in August. (I would conduct some in-person interviews). TBD

Anyway, I’m continually blown away by the response to this project! Thanks for your support & have a grand and glorious day!


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